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Follow our path as we develop energy kites to expand access to stranded wind resources around the globe.

How Energy Kites Expand the Reach of Offshore Wind
Makani Team

Makani CEO Fort Felker makes a call for collaboration across the wind industry to promote emerging technologies. Working together will expand access to stranded wind resources sooner, and will amplify the impact of offshore wind on mitigating the effects of climate change.

Creativity can combat climate change: why Makani is making kites that generate clean power
Makani Team

This week, people around the globe are supporting youth as they call for increased action to combat climate change. For many of us on the Makani team, developing a new technology that works to advance global adoption of renewable energy is an objective that is not just our job, it’s a personal mission. As individuals, we’re engaging in climate action in the ways that resonate for each of us — some folks are participating in organized marches and rallies, while others are buckling down and working harder to make energy kites a reality. For all of us at Makani, this is a time for action.

Makani’s airborne wind power system takes flight offshore
Fort Felker

The first flights of Makani’s energy kite from a floating platform are a big step towards increased access to energy resources that are currently stranded above waters too deep for fixed wind turbines.

Energy kite flight footage from Hawai’i
Makani Team

Makani has been successfully flying our M600 energy kite in Hawai’i since 2018

Makani takes to the ocean with Shell
Fort Felker

Makani is now an independent company and is partnering with Shell to bring energy kites to offshore environments

From kiteboard to energy kite
Fort Felker

Makani’s path to power generation through prototypes


Stay up to date with the Makani team and our latest flight footage.

Makani: Innovating for climate solutions
The Makani team is creating energy kites to address the need for climate solutions. To solve the climate crisis we need new technologies, but creating and maintaining hope and resilience as a community is equally important. Since Makani’s founding in 2006, the team has been able to solve the technical challenges we face not just through innovation and expertise, but through genuine care for the work we do and for each other. Taking on the climate crisis with kites is a bold idea, but we believe we’ve solved the technical miracles necessary to make energy kites a reality. What remains is to roll up our sleeves and work together with industry and community partners to get our kites out into the world where they can begin to affect meaningful change. #energytransition #climatechange #innovation #climatesolutions #windpower
Makani's first offshore energy kite flight
Makani flew its energy kite from a floating platform in the North Sea. Once commercialized, Makani’s kites have the potential to bring power to hundreds of millions of people living along the world’s coastlines where the wind is strong and steady, but the water is too deep to fix wind turbines to the ocean floor. Makani energy kites produce electricity by harnessing energy efficiently from the wind. We're developing energy kites that use a wing tethered to a ground station to efficiently harness energy from the wind, generating electricity at utility-scale. As the kite flies autonomously in loops, rotors on the wing spin as the wind moves through them, generating electricity that is sent down the tether to the grid. Eight rotors are spun by the wind in energy-generating crosswind flight. Each rotor drives a permanent magnet motor/generator that generates electricity onboard and sends it down the tether—eventually we'll connect from the tether to the grid. Wind energy has the potential to power the world 100 times over, yet only 4% of the world’s electricity comes from wind. The Makani energy kite system integrates advances in aerospace engineering, materials science, and autonomous controls to create a lightweight design that is easy to transport and install. This test was filmed at sea by Andrea Dunlap, Betsy Pfeiffer, Andrew Koch, Johnny Heineken, Stein Hanssen and Viktor Andreas Olsen. Edited by Andrea Dunlap. Music by Sound of Picture. #airbornewindenergy #energykite #renewables #renewableenergy
Makani energy kite test flight, spring 2019 (full flight)
A full test flight of Makani's M600 energy kite, spring 2019. Onboard fin camera.
Makani energy kite flight summary
A summary of a test flight of Makani's M600 energy kite, spring 2019. #airbornewind #energykite #renewables #renewableenergy
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