Makani - Opportunity

Makani is creating an entirely new wind energy solution that could increase access to stranded wind resources.

Expanding the wind market

Expanding the wind market

Energy kites can produce electricity in areas that are not cost effective for existing technologies.

A few examples include:

  • Deepwater offshore sites
  • Onshore sites with high wind shear
  • Mountainous regions
  • Islands
Initial Deployment: Deepwater Offshore

Accessing Stranded Wind Resources

Hundreds of millions of people live within 25 miles of a coastline but two thirds of the world’s windy coastal zones have water that is too deep to fix wind turbines to the ocean floor. There is no solution currently available that can harness this deep water wind resource at today’s electricity prices. Makani’s first commercial systems will unlock a new global market in floating offshore wind.

Solving the deep water challenge

Solving the Floating Offshore Challenge

Makani’s demonstrated floating offshore energy kite system replaces tons of steel with lightweight materials and smart software enabling Makani to take advantage of existing infrastructure and supply chains. This means energy kites can be deployed from small and medium-sized ports around the globe, without the need for specialized vessels or massive cranes. As a result, Makani’s commercial system will be dramatically lower cost than existing deepwater technologies and cost-competitive with other electricity generation sources, even without subsidies.

Advancing Global Adoption Of Renewable Energy

Advancing Global Adoption Of Renewable Energy

By extending the reach of wind power to new places, Makani’s technology has the potential to significantly increase the percentage of electricity that comes from wind. Ultimately, we believe Makani’s system will be cost-competitive with existing technologies throughout all markets.

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